Dedicated areas:

  • Infrastructures
  • Oil & Gas
  • Energy production
  • Telecommunications
  • Territory and Environment

Photogrammetry is a technique of data acquisition that allows obtaining metric information (shape and position) of three-dimensional objects (terrain, artefacts, etc.), through interpretation and measurement of photographic images taken with our RPAS.

We are able to detect and catalogue large areas of territory with a degree of precision and detail superior to that of traditional “on the ground" topography, but at a higher speed, as well as providing the possibility of acquiring a significantly higher amount of spatial data.

The subsequent software processing of the acquired data permits the generation of georeferenced point clouds from which to extract orthomosaics, DSM (Digital Surface Model) and DTM (Digital Terrain Model) that in turn enables one to perform accurate calculations of distance, surface and the volume of objects within the model.

Aerial photogrammetry is the ideal means with which to conduct detailed territorial analysis as well as offer the possibility of realizing accurate 3D Models. It can also be integrated with BIM solutions, suitable for its applications related to engineering, planning and management.