Implementation examples:

  • Housing and industrial structures (residential buildings, skyscrapers, warehouses...)
  • Barrage structures (waterfront structures, dams, locks...)
  • Bridge structures (railway lines, railway bridges, road bridges, viaducts, piers...)
  • Historic structures (aqueducts, castles, fortifications, monuments...)
  • Elevated tanks

Inspecting structures frequently involves long and difficult operations. The regular examination of structures to detect the damage caused by the aging process is fundamental both to preserve the value of civic buildings, historic buildings and monuments, and to ensure the safety and functionality of building structures such as bridges or towers, in particular, which often present damage in inaccessible points and that until now could only be accurately checked by using conventional methods such as sending personnel at high-altitude using climbing techniques, mobile platforms or scaffolding.

Our RPASs are equipped with high-definition cameras that allow carrying out non-destructive inspection of structures and infrastructures in total safety. With our RPAS we can accurately reach and examine inaccessible places with low visibility therefore drastically reducing security risks and responsibility for operators.

We use the best FLIR thermal cameras developed specifically for RPAS, able to detect inefficiencies and heat loss, thermal bridges and structural defects in an extremely precise and reliable way. For example, we can detect the degree of thermal insulation (invisible to the naked eye) of buildings and infrastructures, verify which areas suffer from heat loss or plaster detachment and inspect roofing. This is an innovative approach that enables one to plan maintenance intervention and avoid the development of potential structural damage, obtaining tangible savings in the management and maintenance of infrastructures.

Our dedicated services:

  • Aerial infrastructural inspection
  • High definition images and video acquisition
  • Precision thermographs
  • Creation of 3D models in CAD format of the entire structure