Implementation sectors:

  • Cinema - Advertising - Documentaries - Video clips
  • Events
  • Territory and Regional promotion
  • Corporate promotional videos

The use of drones is increasingly indispensable in film production, advertising, documentaries and video clips, given their extreme versatility and image quality. Film directors and DOPs can take advantage of aerial shots and offer a new perspective on the action that up until now required the use of less versatile helicopters and aeroplanes, often at prohibitive costs.

The skills of our pilots, and their extensive background in the video industry, makes us the ideal partner in the realization of aerial shots, from promotional video-clips to cinematographic production.

The complete synergy created with our video division of On-Ground enables us to manage a 360° video production by packaging the best product for the needs of the individual client.

Our drones are equipped with sensors of the highest quality that allow video shots at resolutions higher than 4K and up to 5.2K 60fps CinemaDNG RAW and ProRes. Features that are a valuable ally even for the most demanding directors.

Furthermore, as required by ENAC, all our pilots are qualified to operate in critical areas with certified RPAS.

Our dedicated services:

  • Outdoor / indoor aerial shooting
  • Live streaming of the drone’s video signal