Implementation examples:

  • Cooling towers and chimneys
  • Burners
  • Pipelines
  • Tanks and cisterns
  • Mechanical installations (pumps, valves, bearings etc.)
  • Insulators and refractory material

We have developed end-to-end solutions for non-destructive structural analysis and inspection that provide operators with quality data while minimizing security risks and operational downtime.

Oil & Gas structures and assets, both on-shore and offshore, require periodic inspection and maintenance to guarantee safety and avoid breakdowns.

The possibility of being able to inspect remote areas and analyse elements through the use of high-definition optical sensors and precision cameras, is crucial for predictive maintenance and identification of defective or damaged components that could lead to malfunction, inefficiency and even more serious consequences.

Currently, the main inspection methods involve the construction of scaffolding and the deployment of specialized personnel at high altitudes or in dangerous and hard-to-reach locations. The logistics and risk inherent to these processes, in addition to the time and possible plant downtime required, greatly affect safety criteria and profitability.

On-Flight provides high quality aircraft surveys for all inspection and maintenance requirements, in a safer, faster and more efficient way, without causing operational outage. This innovative approach supports the following key aspects:

Infrastructure inspection
  • Routine system inspection to guarantee operational integrity
  • Access to hard-to-reach areas
Emergency Response
  • Immediate aerial information in case of leakage and spillage
  • safety procedures and evacuation monitoring

Our dedicated services:

  • Inspection of offshore and onshore sites
  • High definition images and video acquisitions
  • Precision thermographs
  • Gas leak detection
  • 3D CAD mapping of the entire structure