Dedicated sectors:

  • Infrastructure
  • Oil & Gas
  • Energy production
  • Telecommunications
  • Territory and Environment

Our drones offer the possibility to drastically reduce the time of analysis of infrastructures by allowing an inspection of the external state of the same, in positions and heights that would otherwise be very difficult and risky to reach by traditional methods. With our instrumentation we can identify even the smallest detail quickly and efficiently with obvious advantages to the client in terms of time, safety and cost.

Image quality is paramount with regard to inspection.

For this reason, we have equipped our RPAS with high definition optical sensors. This allows us to carry out optical inspections, which are able to provide our clients with clear and legible images down to the smallest detail. This is an essential feature for those responsible for assessing the state of conservation of infrastructures and assets, to support and better evaluate any maintenance intervention, which has the aim of guaranteeing their operational integrity.

Our services also include the possibility to perform live streaming operations by sending the video signal directly to your control centre, where an operator can supervise interventions in real-time and in contact with our operators.