We offer air support in collaboration with law enforcement agencies and local authorities. In search and rescue operations, every second counts. To operate as efficiently as possible, it is vital to have a quick overview of the situation from an aerial perspective.

The use of RPAS means to be promptly operational and to monitor large areas in environments, which would otherwise be inaccessible by traditional means, such as airplanes or helicopters, while offering a significantly cost-effective service.

Through our RPAS we can operate in scenarios declared as danger zones (such as hazardous, unstable or post-earthquake calamity areas) avoiding unnecessary entrance for the ground rescue teams into these sections, therefore drastically reducing the risk to human life.

We use high-definition cameras capable of providing detailed and georeferenced images of the affected location. Moreover, using thermal cameras (FLIR), we can detect the heat emitted by the human body and cover large areas of land easily and quickly, even at night. We guarantee a speedy coverage to detect the presence of a victim and send visual information and data to the rescue teams in real time or to a remote command and coordination station.

Our solutions greatly increase the efficiency of operations by reducing the time and resources required in addition to the risks and costs of search and rescue missions.

Our aircrafts and pilots are certified to carry out specialized operations in critical scenarios.