Dedicated sectors:

  • Infrastructure
  • Oil & Gas
  • Energy production
  • Telecommunications
  • Territory and Environment

Thermography is a non-destructive diagnostic technique, which, by measuring the infrared radiation emitted by a body, is able to determine its surface temperature.

This detection technique has become an indispensable added value to technicians who study the maintenance of infrastructures, and for operators in the energy and construction sector, who need to examine heat research and energy dispersion to identify possible inefficiencies, leakage, thermal bridges and heat variations. The thermal imaging survey allows seeing what the eye cannot, an essential preventive feature for maintenance and the optimization of such intervention.

We have chosen to use the top of the range FLIR radiometric thermal camera, specifically developed for use on drones, capable of measurements to the one hundredth degree ° C, and we are therefore able to perform accurate thermal mapping of the inspected assets proposing more efficient, safe solutions which are less costly than obsolete survey techniques.

Whether it is a photovoltaic system, the roof of a building or an area subject to environmental pollution, our drones are able to obtain detailed thermal imaging to quickly and punctually inspect even inaccessible areas that would otherwise require lengthy acquisition and monitoring times. A service that has proven to be fundamental in a variety of operations, such as the search for missing people or fire prevention by the early detection of outbreaks.

Our thermal imaging cameras provide stable and fully usable images to produce precision thermal maps of the inspected assets.

Our services also include the possibility of performing live streaming inspections by sending the video signal directly to your control centre where an operator can supervise the operations in real-time and in direct contact with our operators.