Implementation examples:

  • Onshore and offshore wind farms
  • Photovoltaic systems
  • Solar thermal systems
  • Hydroelectric power stations
  • Pylons
  • Distribution lines
  • Support structures, insulators, transformers

The production of renewable energy is rapidly establishing itself as one of the most practicable solutions available today, in particular in the photovoltaic and wind-power sector.

It is essential that the plants be in line with the expected yield in terms of energy production and operational efficiency. In this context, maintenance cost and periods of inactivity due to malfunctions must be contained as they directly affect the income generated by the plant.

Therefore, inspection activities, through RPAS, take on a fundamental role in efficiency optimization and in the planning of preventive maintenance, in addition to eliminating problems related to safety of personnel posted at high altitudes.

Our solutions decrease the time factor by 75% with regard to inspection within the wind power industry with obvious advantages to the quality of the output provided by the operations, which guarantee total safety to employees.

In the photovoltaic sector, our aerial inspection solutions, combined with high-precision thermal cameras, allow savings of over 85% in terms of time and an output capable of detecting the causes of individual malfunctioning cells, thus allowing accurate planning of maintenance and optimization of the assets.

To ensure the efficiency and continuity of the energy distribution service, it is essential to know the status of all its components such as conductors, supporting structures, insulators, pole-mounted transformers, etc.

The features and equipment of our RPAS make them perfectly suitable for this purpose. We perform high-definition visual inspections and thermal investigations to detect problems such as overheating and anomalies otherwise invisible to the human eye. The operations, in most cases, do not require interruption of the line with considerable savings in terms of time and cost.

Our dedicated services:

  • Aerial infrastructure inspection
  • High definition images and video acquisitions
  • Precision thermographs
  • Creation of 3D CAD models of the entire structure
  • Georeferenced topography for the installation of new infrastructures
  • Corrosion and structural damage verification