Implementation examples:

  • Antennas and repeaters (Raw Land / Rooftop)
  • GPRS micro cells
  • Support pylons
  • Areas allocated to new installations

With the exponential increase of mobile devices and bandwidth demand, for antennas and signal repeaters, preventive maintenance is nowadays a crucial aspect in order to keep networks fully efficient and avoid the risk of shutdowns. In this context, the use of RPAS can offer significant benefits in terms of efficiency and security.

The antennas are positioned on supports and pylons installed at locations and heights which make inspection and maintenance activity difficult and represent a serious risk for workers who must physically perform such activity using conventional methods. Sending staff at high altitudes by way of climbing techniques, forklifts or scaffolding must consider all related hazards, and the considerable time and cost associated.

The high technology of our RPAS allows us to reach the inspection areas quickly and efficiently, granting the collection of high-definition images and videos, as well as precision thermographs to evaluate the operating conditions of the plants and their state of conservation. The assessment of the infrastructures at high altitudes takes place in total safety and with incomparable savings in time, cost and resources.

Our services also include the possibility of performing live streaming inspections by sending the video signal directly to your control centre where an operator can make evaluations.

Our dedicated services:

  • Aerial infrastructure inspection
  • High definition images and video acquisitions
  • Precision thermographs
  • Creation of 3D CAD models of the entire structure
  • Georeferenced topography for the installation of new infrastructures
  • Live streaming inspections